Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Recent Purchases

Last week I went a tad crazy with my shopping so I thought I'd do a bit of a haul post to show you what I treated myself to.

Last Sunday I went on my first 'proper' shopping trip in Toronto and went to a few really cute vintage and boutique stores as well as a discount department store (where I managed to get a BCBGMaxazria crochet dress reduced from $150 to $30!)  Here's everything I got on THAT day! 

Next, I finally got round to purchasing that Urban Outfitters order that I mentioned (here)...minus a few things, but I added this amazing purple, metallic style, hugeee clutch :)  

And finally...I got myself some skincare products from Kate Somerville (Goat Milk Cream and the Detox Daily Cleanser).  I figured it was necessary whilst I'm on this side of the pond as they're so much cheaper over here.  I bought the Avene day cream (Mattifying Fluid) as I recently purchased their cleansing water, and I plan on going back and using my store points to buy the night cream!  I also got another Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  I'm loving all of these products!!  

So I think that's everything...for now!!  (Except for a cheeky pair of Jordans that I HAD to get)

I still have a few things I plan on buying before I head home but I think I'll save those until I go to NY for my last week.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Grafea Goodies


Timeless Classic Briefcase £200
Sandals £75
Actor Rucksack £180
Travel Holdall £200

I recently discovered Grafea, a British company that make beautiful leather bags, and it's safe to say I want EVERYTHING!  The above items are my narrowed down selection believe it or not; and it still totals more than £650 *gasps*.  As well as these more traditional browns and blacks, they all have a range of really cute coloured bags.  The rucksack for example, comes in white, yellow and lavender (those are my three favourites out of all the colours).  However, considering how expensive it is and also the fact that this would be my first rucksack, I would choose to spend my money on the black one so I could get maximum use out of it!  

Both the briefcase and the holdall would be great investments in my opinion; both are timeless  pieces which will only look better with age!  Although they call this a briefcase it definitely looks more like a satchel to me...and I have wanted a satchel for a long time.  This is a much more 'grown up' version of a certain popular satchel brand.  Also, the compartments in this are an added bonus as I love my bag to be organised.  And I've also been looking for a holdall like this for ages (since I saw THIS post from Atlantic Pacific).

Then the shoes...oh lord, the shoes!  They also come in mint, lilac and white...and I want them ALL.  They're on sale at the moment for £60 (apart from the mint ones), which I think is pretty reasonable for a pair of gorgeous leather sandals; they'll probably be really comfy and last a long time!!  

So I think I've made it clear just how much I love this brand and ALL of their pieces!  Now I just need to decide which colour sandals to buy and which bag to put on my Christmas List.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Urban Outfitters Picks

Urban Outfitters WishList

Le Shirt Drapey Tie-Dye Vest - $16
Notorious B.I.G Brooklyn Tee - $20
Staring at Stars Button Down Swing Dress - $30
Braided T-Strap Sandal - £25
Staring at Starts Eyelet Hem Shorts - $20

I've been tying so hard to resist placing this order but I don't know how much longer I can last; I just feel like I need all of these things, even though I obviously don't.  

-I want this vest to go with white dresses (which I don't have yet)
-This Biggy tee would look sick with the Jordans that I want
-These shorts are my favourite colour and they're tie-dye, therefore I have to have them!  ALso, they'll look sooo good with a pair of white cut-out platforms which I've seen on ebay

...are you guys picking up on this theme here...I buy things to go with things which I don't, and so then have to spend even more money!  

But to be fair I do need a pair of black sandals, but I think they're the only thing I could maybe justify buying...although that would mean I probably shouldn't buy the black jellies.  Hmmm? 

And then the dress is just pretty :) ...and I'm OBSESSED with printed dresses.

My Wasteland Picks

ShopWasteland Shopping List

Insight Zoowho Tank Dress - $75 
Knot Sisters Gia Dress - $65
Anita Romper -$42

At the moment all I seem to do is spend my days online shopping and making mental lists of all the things I'll buy if I suddenly get rich overnight.  Soooo, I thought I'd compile a series of blog posts, one for each of the sites I regularly visit, featuring my favourite items, so that I don't feel like I'm completely wasting my time.

First up is a site that I have been loving recently, Wasteland.  They have loads of amazing pieces from some of my favourite brands.

I love this first dress because it reminds me of a peacock feather; the colours are just beautiful!  Both of these dresses are perfect for summer but also the type of thing I would wear in Autumn and Winter with a leather jacket or chunky knit cardigan, some woolly tights, chelsea boots, or the Vagabond libby heeled boots would looks great!  I also think the Knot Sisters dress would look amazing with a green parka!  And then I've mentioned this playsuit in a previous post, but I just think it's so pretty and playsuits are such an easy option for a night out.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shoe Dilemma

Solestruck is currently having a sale and today is their final day which means they are offering 40% off!!  Only problem is I cannot decide which pair to buy and I REALLY need your help, ASAP (pleaseeee).  The first pair that I'm considering are the metallic silver Jeffrey Campbell's reduced from $160 to $75 (£50).  I'm loving everything metallic/hollogram at the moment, but obviously it's just a trend that will pass at some point and so I'm not sure how sensible these would be.  But they're pretty awesome and I want them...but honestly I want most JC's that I see.  

Now the second pair are the 'sensible' option (as sensible as a poor traveller buying shoes can be).  They're the Sam Edelman tanned booties, or more specifically, taupe rose nubuck Louie boots.  These are reduced from $160 to $80 and I will definitely get my wear out of them!  I've had my eye out for a tanned ankle boot for a while now as they'll go perfectly with flowy white dresses (all I want to wear this summer).   

Which pair do you think I should get?

Shoe Dilemma

Friday, 21 June 2013

90's Child

90's child

I'm sure you've seen these shoes everywhere this summer, but I just can't get enough of them!  I love everything 90's, and after the Spice Girls styled platforms became mad popular...it was only a matter of time before juju's were back!  (When I was little I had the silver glitter pair that had a slight heel haha!!)  These are my three favourites (I'm not feeling the heeled ones nowadays) and if I had to pick one then I'd probably go for the black ones...black caged sandals are definitely popular right now - so it would combine the two trends perfectly.  

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cheeky purchases...

Recent UO buys

Cutoff overall dress - $49            Drape front cardigan - $20

So a 'quick browse' on Urban Outfitters accidentally turned into me spending $70.  This cutoff overall dress was $50 and I think it'll still look cute in the autumn/winter with a jumper underneath, tights and chelsea boots (I don't like shorts and tights you see, so probably wouldn't have worn dungarees in this way).  And then this silky cardigan was reduced from $60 and I've been wanting something similar for a while so couldn't resist!